“Confusion Fusion”



Single and video review by Mike O’Cull 



Progressive metal concern Noph’N delivers a shot of smart, original power on its new track and music video “Confusion Fusion.” 

Available now on YouTube, “Confusion Fusion” is a hard, unflinching vision of the internal life of someone who has become paralyzed in an accident. It’s an absolutely compelling song brought to us by Noph’N bandleader Daniele Sentinelli. Sentinelli is a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist who conceived, wrote, and performed the track himself. What makes it unique is Daniele’s completely non-standard metal production approach. “Confusion Fusion” is rendered in acoustic guitars, relatively clean electric guitars, and vocals that are sung, not screamed. No over-saturated wall of distorted guitars or growling vocals are present, yet the song’s spirit is unquestionably metal. 

Daniele Sentinelli has been creating music for over three decades. He combines Prog, metal, and electronic ideas into an original whole that is refreshing and intelligent. “Confusion Fusion” is a complex-but-accessible piece built on shifting time signatures, intricate guitar and bass work, and an atmospheric sensibility that quickly worms itself into your mind. Clearly, Sentinelli has a strong and distinct vision for his music and expresses it fearlessly. 

The lyric video for “Confusion Fusion” is also quite expressive and artistic. Sentinelli’s free-verse lines and questioning thoughts appear beneath a shifting, dystopian series of images that support the existential despair of the speaker’s situation. It’s a bold and cathartic clip that will stop viewers in their tracks to catch every last frame. Fans of serious modern rock will flip over this beast of a single. Noph’N needs to be heard, full stop.